Selling a home with 360Berkshire Realty Group

With more than 24 years of experience, we are local, knowledgeable, and understand the ever-changing Berkshire market. We know that selling your home is a life-changing decision with emotional and financial impacts. As your broker, we have the immense responsibility of guiding you through this transition and take pride in providing you with an outstanding experience. We listen to your needs, discuss your options, and maintain consistent professional communication throughout the entire process. So, what are our Processes?

First, we will view your home and do a complete market analysis. We will suggest minor improvements or repairs that can maximize your sales potential as part of this process. Once you are ready, we will gather photos and videos of your home and determine the best marketing strategies. We may even work with a professional interior designer to stage your home for the best possible results. Depending on the marketing strategy, we may want an open house to introduce your home to potential buyers. Unlike many brokerages, we do not rely on Zillow or to sell your home. Yes, your home will still appear on these sites, but we actively advertise our listings using a variety of marketing tools. We will work to schedule regular showings at times that are convenient for you and will ask that your home is "show ready."

We present every offer to you and will assist you in the negotiating process. The closing process will begin once you've received a request that matches your needs and represents your home's fair value. Most buyers will make their offer contingent on a home inspection. This may result in the buyer asking you to make additional repairs or concessions on the sale price. But don't worry; our team will be by your side the entire time and assist you in this process.

Typically, the closing process takes between 30-45 days. However, your needs may make it necessary to close sooner or extend the closing until your new home is ready. Either way, your needs are our priority. 360Berkshire takes pride in most buyers' and sellers' use again. We've helped generations of families sell/find their perfect homes even more wonderful.